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About Approach.

We use our executive search cycle to gather, analyse, and utilise information about potential candidates for leadership positions. This process helps to identify and select the best candidates to ensure long-term performance and success for your organisation.

Our Cycle.


Planning and Goal Setting

In this phase, the requirements and goals of the executive search are defined. Specific qualifications, skills, and experiences that a candidate should possess for the leadership position are determined. Additionally, the resources and timeframe for the search are established.


Information Gathering

In this phase, various sources of information are utilised to identify potential candidates. These sources may include online profiles, professional networks, industry directories, referrals from contacts, and personal research. The aim is to create a comprehensive list of potential candidates.


Information Processing

During this phase, the collected information about potential candidates is analysed and organised. Data is captured in a structured format and stored in our information system. Information about past achievements, leadership qualities, personal attributes, and professional backgrounds may also be collected.


Candidate Evaluation

In this phase, potential candidates are assessed based on the defined requirements and criteria. Interviews are conducted, references are checked, and background verifications are performed to evaluate the suitability of candidates for the leadership position.


Decision Making

Here, the results of the candidate evaluation are analysed and evaluated to select the best candidates for the leadership position. Strengths, weaknesses, potential, and fit with the company culture are taken into consideration. Based on these insights, recommendations are made to the decision-makers.


Recruitment and Integration

After selecting the suitable candidates, the recruitment process begins, including contract negotiations. Upon hiring, the new executives are integrated into the company and supported in their transition to the new role.

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